Skull Heart Sweets

My little blog here is dedicated to posting everything Skullgirls!

I'm going to post concept sketches and artwork from Skullgirls, as well as any updates or information I hear about the game... So in general, everything! The art here is from the lovely staff of Skullgirls, and not made by me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I love chatting with fellow fans, and I promise I don' bite!

I also take requests! If there's a certain character you'd like to see more art of, just let me know!

I finished animating Beowulf’s idle for Skullgirls!


I finished animating Beowulf’s idle for Skullgirls!



In addition to sharing a table with LAVAPunch at San Diego Comic Con this year (Table 1635), Animoose, Kinuko,and I will be at the Geek & Sundry Lounge, at Jolt n’ Joes (379 4th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 (J Street))

Check out the schedule here!

We’ll be there in the Sundry Room on Friday, July 25 in the morning. I’ll be there from 11:30 - 1, Kinuko 12 - 3, and Richard from 2 - 5. We’ll be drawing live on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and Skullgirls will be playable all day there. Stop on by!

o_8, Animoose, and Kinuko will be at the Geek & Sundry Lounge at SDCC this coming weekend. Stop by Jolt n’ Joes on Friday morning / afternoon to check it out / say hello.

Plus, Skullgirls will be playable there as well.

See you there!




gais! me and a bunch of other cool peoples will be at booth 1635!

We will have comics, prints, shirts and smiles! please stop by and say hi :)

There will be comics, and maybe robots.

San Diego Comic Con!!

Map and pictures!

We’re kinda triangulated between Oni, SLG, and Random House, apparently. I got to use the word triangulated (not sure if correctly).

Anyway, come on by! @A@b



Now that BB has been released I can upload my roughs


Process of designing robo-fortune (miss fortune’s look-a-like)

Apparently the further in the alphabet the design was paired with, the more money the changes would have taken to make. In the end they raised enough to use (G) though


Dug out some more Parasoul concepts.  


Extra special designs this week, it’s big tournament week with two fantastic new designs provided by Alex Ahad!

Available for a limited time is SKULLGIRLS 2014, an ensemble shirt featuring a ribcage motif!

In addition, a new permanent addition to the store, CORONARY, a new subtle design with the skullheart!

We will be bringing these designs to Evo in Los Vegas, but they will be available online too! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Stay tuned for some more news over the next few days!

Again, special thanks to Alex for these! 

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Here are some of the Eliza concepts I did that show up in the game in one form or another. She’s fun to do concepts for ;w;/

A reminder to those in Los Angeles for Anime Expo! (I apologize, I might make another post soon, with a map!)

I will be in artist alley! Stop by if you can.

You can find me (o_8) at table D39.

Persona and Black will be at table D40.

Animoose will be at table D41 with Brokentrain

EU03 will be at D40.

Kinuko will be at table C66 with Tyson Hesse. 

We will also have a Skullgirls panel on Saturday July 5th.

Time: 6:15 PM

Location: LP3

See you there!



Here’s a set of Eliza concepts I did for Skullgirls. I’m really sloppy on paintchat =U

More to come!

Concepts and doodles of Eliza from badideas!


Set two of Eliza concepts.

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