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My little blog here is dedicated to posting everything Skullgirls!

I'm going to post concept sketches and artwork from Skullgirls, as well as any updates or information I hear about the game... So in general, everything! The art here is from the lovely staff of Skullgirls, and not made by me.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I love chatting with fellow fans, and I promise I don' bite!

I also take requests! If there's a certain character you'd like to see more art of, just let me know!
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Avery per request owo


Photoset of commissions I did for people at AOD!

1.) The Satsuki was my sample commission

2.) Rozalin holding a plate of meat owo

3.) One Punch Man doing his thing, Marie is aghast. @A@

4.) Dahlia and Annie drinking after the voting. Dahlia pours the bartender (and his bar) a drink too. He *gladly* complies.

5.) Some toohooz: Patchouli Knowledge. Books!

6.) Cerebella and Noel. Incidentally, Cristina Vee was a guest at AOD.

7.) Parasoul (SG) and Vanessa (VF5)

8.) Shadow443’s characters. You can check out his stuff at:

9.) Rangiku

10.) Ryuko and Squigly, apparently @3@/

Also, I got a neat gift from maddoxfanx. Check it out here!

I also drew his character:

Here’s his tumblr in general:

See y’all next convention @3@b Thanks!


Ms fortunes as per g freemans request owo
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To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Skullgirls’ existence in the public realm, here are the various stages of transformation that Filia went through. 

Originally, she was a growth out of what would become Samson, but eventually flipped around. She also became more streamlined and simpler, with fewer default tendrils and other adjustments.

The sprites and style went through a handful of changes before we ended up on the final hand-drawn look you see in the game now.

Pixels are pretty fun, I should dabble in it again some time. I feel like I’ve learned a lot since the earlier stuff, and it’d be neat to try again. @3@;


Since everyone is uploading their old junk from Skullgirls, here are some of the old stuff from me that never made it into the final release of the game. Can you guess what they’re a reference to?

I’d like to get some of these back in at one point, though.

Fun fact: I’ve made the Ms. Fortune one twice, and also accidentally deleted them twice.

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Skullgirls NPC concepts for Under the Bridge stage.

Here are more concepts from the NPC brainstorming, from Amber~!


Skullgirls, assemble! This week’s Eighty Sixed tee is an amazing design by Victoria Martinez featuring the entire Skullgirls cast! Make sure to join the assembly before Feb. 24th, because then the truce ends and it’s back to battle!

Assembly Shirt:


Never posted these. Rough Eliza animations I did for Skullgirls!


I have returned from Japan 

Er… like 3 weeks ago ;D;

Anyway! I will also be at AOD this weekend (Animation on Display, a convention in the SF Bay Area). Come by the artist alley area. I’ll be at table A15. Hopefully I can finish a new print on time. If not, I’ll be selling books and doing commissions as usual as well. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Some notes about today’s sketches if you are curious:

Madoobers Titus ;w;

Pics 2-5: Comiket related. Pyramids, blood drive.. Eliza huhuhu.

Ninjas everywhere

Waiting in line

Pic 6: At a Chinese restaurant in Akiba. Went underground to get inside. Their signature dish involved beef tongue. The guy serving us wore some sort of dirty lab coat. Great food! (I’m curious if anyone can guess the location based on this description lol)

Pic 7: The view from my hotel room in Kameido.

Pic 8: Doodles and notes I was doing on the shinkansen / on the Kyoto leg of the trip.

Pic 9: Sketches while waiting in line at Comiket that I touched up a bit more later. Fallout headbutting!

Ok that’s all for now. See you guys at AOD!


It’s T-Shirt Tuesday! This week’s Eighty Sixed offering is BIG BAND!! Toot your own horn with this awesome Megan Ann Boyd design and feel the music flow right into your soul. But make sure to snap him up before Dec. 13th, ‘cause then the band’s packing up for good!

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